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June and Benjamin Evans

June and Ben EvansJune R. Evans and Benjamin D. Evans are the authors of New England's Covered Bridges: A Complete Guide and Pennsylvania's Covered Bridges: A Complete Guide. Long-time covered bridge aficionados, they are co-authors of Pennsylvania Crossings, the newsletter of the Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania Covered Bridges: A Complete Guide is the most up-to-date guide available to every remaining covered bridge in Pennsylvania, complete with photographs, statistical data, anecdotal information and directions. This complete guide to the state's covered bridges is indispensable to both enthusiasts and more casual travelers looking for these lovely structures on the back roads of the state.
James L. Garvin, New Hampshire State Architectural Historian writes, "Benjamin and June Evans' New England's Covered Bridges is the first summation in a quarter century of the region's rich legacy of wooden bridges. Meticulously researched, carefully written and beautifully illustrated, the book takes its place as the standard guide for a region that cherishes some of the oldest, newest, longest and strongest of America's covered bridges."
For more information about their Covered Bridge books you may contact Ben and June by email at bdevans@ptd.net.

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