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Bunker Hill Covered Bridge

Baltimore MD-03-01 #1x Gunpowder Falls Burr 1 110' 1880 1961
Bunker Hill Covered Bridge was built in 1880 and lasted until 1961 when it was destroyed by arson. It stretched over Gunpowder Falls on Bunker Hill Road, about 1.1 miles northwest of Hereford. Most accounts list the bridge as 110 feet in length.
On November 29, 1879 the Maryland Journal published a Bridge Proposal for the construction of Bunker Hill Bridge.
OFFICE OF THE SUPERINTENDENT OF BRIDGES FOR BALTIMORE COUNTY. Towsontown. November 18th, 1879. Sealed proposals will be received by the County Commissioners of Baltimore county from date until Tuesday, 2nd day of December, 1879, at 12 o'clock M.
For the building of a COVERED WOODEN BRIDGE over the Big Gunpowder Falls at Miller's Ford, near Wiseburg, in the 7th District.
Plans and specifications can be seen at the office of the County Commissioners of Baltimore county on and after November 25th, 1879.
No bid will be received except in the form above specified. By order of the County Commissioners---H.A. Nagle, Superintendent of Bridges for Baltimore County. Nov. 22.--2t.
Construction of Bunker Hill Bridge moved swiftly. An article in the Maryland Journal on March 20, 1880 announced the opening of the bridge, which at the time was called Miller's Ford Bridge.
Bridge Finished.--The wooden bridge over the Big Gunpowder River [should be Falls, not River] at Miller's Ford, in the 7th District, has been finished by the contractors, Messrs. Purky and Miller, and turned over to the Commissioners. The Superintendent of bridges, Mr. H.A. Nagle, pronounced it a first class bridge in every respect.
Bunker Hill bridge was often mentioned in Covered Bridge Topics newsletters. In the December 1948 Issue, Volume 6, Number 4, it stated that "Bunker Hill bridge near Hereford was first built in 1880 and became so dilapidated that it was restored in 1947."
Covered Bridge Topics also reported in its January 1962 Issue, Volume 19, Number 4, that "Bunker Hill burned down on November 17, 1961." (Information taken from an article in the Baltimore Sun, November 18, 1961.)
In an article in the Baltimore American, April 4, 1954, Jane Plant wrote: "On Bunker Hill Road, near Hereford, is a fairly long bowstring bridge, the only covered one left in Baltimore County. Gunpowder Falls is a fast, deep stream there in the valley and the bridge is very dark inside. It seems very enduring."
A second covered bridge at the same location was built in 1963 and unfortunately was arsoned in 1971. Today, the bridge abutments and wingwalls still remain on Bunker Hill Road over the Gunpowder Falls.
Bunker Hill Covered Bridge 1951 Bunker Hill Covered Bridge 1948
Bunker Hill Covered Bridge postcard, about 1951. Bunker Hill Covered Bridge, about 1948, after 1947 rehabilitation. Baltimore Sun photo.
Bunker Hill Covered Bridge 1920
Bunker Hill Covered Bridge in 1920s. Photo by permission Baltimore County Public Library

UPDATED 08/28/2013: John McGrain provided information about articles for bridge proposals and the opening of the bridge.
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