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Corbett Road or Monkton Covered Bridge

Baltimore MD-03-04x Gunpowder Falls Multiple Kingpost 1 117'-6 1883 about 1945
Corbett Road Covered Bridge was also known as Monkton Covered Bridge and was located at the corner of Falls and Corbett Roads in Baltimore County.
Corbett Road Covered Bridge 1938 Corbett Road Covered Bridge 1938
Corbett Road Covered Bridge 1938. Photo from Poteet Family collection. Corbett Road Covered Bridge 1938. Photo from Poteet Family collection.

In 1883, a road was built connecting York Road with Old York Road in Baltimore County, traveling past Corbett Station. The road was completed in that year along with a covered bridge over Gunpowder Falls. Sometime after 1920 the sides of the bridge were removed. A concrete deck bridge eventually replaced the wooden bridge using the original abutments.¹
In December 1948, N.D. Rand wrote about the Corbett Road Bridge in Covered Bridge Topics:
The other bridge (in Baltimore County) on the Corbett Road near Monkton is completely open except for the shingle roof. Four rails along the side keep one from going overboard. The beauty of this bridge in its verdant setting is a must for the camera artist. The bridge was restored to its present condition in 1936.²
According to an article in the Baltimore Sunpapers in 1937, the bridge had a length of 117 1/2 feet and confirms its location about 3/4 mile south of Monkton on Corbett Road. The article also states that the bridge crossed the First Mine Branch, however, the First Mine Branch is about three miles north of Corbett Road.
Although the 1948 article by N.D. Rand indicates the bridge was still standing in that year, an article by Henry Rauch, writing for the Baltimore Evening Sun in 1947, reported that only two covered bridges remain in Baltimore County, Bunker Hill and Jericho. John Poteet, a Maryland covered bridge enthusiast reported in his bridge notes documentation that the bridge was not there in November of 1946. More than likely, the bridge was replaced sometime around 1940-46.
UPDATED: 12/06/2008, for photo credit and text about year gone.

¹ Andrew Clemens, Corbett Village, A History (Self Published: 1996).

² Covered Bridge Topics (Anderson, Indiana: Volume VI, Number IV: 1948), p. 1.

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