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Fife's Mill Covered Bridge

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Two different accounts indicate that a covered bridge existed over Deer Creek at Fife's Mill. On page 12 of Harford Historical Bulletin #19 from the Historical Society of Harford County, published in 1984; "Round About Norrisville...Prior to 1920, three covered bridges, Red at Eden Mill, another at Fife's Saw Mill, and a third at Ivory Mill on Harford Creamery Road, spanned Deer Creek."
Also, from an undated article, probably from the 1930s or 1940s, in The Belair Times, while mentioning Red Bridge; "a short distance above the Red Bridge is another covered bridge at Fife's Saw Mill, where Mr. Herbert now lives, on the road to St. Paul's Church on Deer Creek."
In 1956, C. Milton Wright testified to the Roads Commissioner about the location of the road near Fife's Mill; "It is my best judgment that this is a portion of the Carea Road, leading from the intersection of the Madonna Road in Deer Creek, at a point formerly called Fife's Saw Mill, later owned by Charles Herbert, and more recently by Orville Crowder, extending in a northwesterly direction, passing near the Matthew Wiley, or Amos Mill."
A visit to this area in July 2009 found a concrete bridge about 50 feet in length. The abutments were obviously old, possibly the same ones that supported the covered bridge.

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