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Keedysville Covered Bridge

Washington MD-21-NNx Antietam Creek Unk Unk Unk Unk 1889
Keedysville Covered Bridge in Washington County was another bridge lost in the Johnstown Flood of 1889. The bridge was located just west of Keedysville over Antietam Creek. The article below in The News, Frederick, MD, on June 8, 1889, mentions Neikirk's Mill. Neikirk's residence was located a short distance south of the bridge at a turn in Antietam Creek:
At Keedysville: The town was visited last Friday night by the most destructive flood seen for many years. The large covered bridge across Antietam in that town went down with a great roll of water. It went over Neikirk's Mill dam and crushed to pieces against the next stone bridge and was left lying over the second one, thus stopping travel over both bridges. It is thought the turnpike company will have to build a new bridge as well as the county. The town is cut in two.

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