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Kirk's Covered Bridge

Cecil MD-07-09x Little Northeast Creek Queenpost 1 34' c1857 about 1948
Two covered bridges crossed Little Northeast Creek near Blue Ball on Blue Ball Road. Reynolds Covered Bridge was about 1/4 mile south of the intersection of Blue Ball and Telegraph Roads and Kirk's Covered Bridge was about a mile south of Reynolds bridge. Kirk's bridge was built around 1857. The property around the bridge was owned by Caleb Kirk and included his Grist and Sawmill. John Poteet,Jr., a Maryland covered bridge enthusiast, lists Kirk's as 34' long and not existing as of January 1, 1950.
Kirk's Covered Bridge 1946 Kirk's Covered Bridge 1941
Kirk's Bridge 1946. Kirk's Bridge 1941
Kirk's Covered Bridge 1938 Kirk's Covered Bridge 1920s
Kirk's Bridge 1938. Photo from Poteet Family collection. Kirk's Bridge 1920s.
From a 1948 issue of Covered Bridge Topics, N.D.Rand describes Kirk's bridge:¹
As the creek (Little Northeast Creek) winds through the meadow, it passes under another small span known as Kirk's bridge, about a mile down the road. This was once an enclosed bridge, but at present the only covering is the framework. Not a shingle clings to the "roof", nor a board to the side. Its appearance is striking, as it nestles under the overspreading branches of adjacent trees, with vines trailing up its framework and sunlight forming a pattern on the floor--a picture to delight the artistic mind.

UPDATED: 12/06/2008, for length & gone date. Photo credit provided.
UPDATED: 12/01/2008, for text about property owners.
¹ Covered Bridge Topics (Anderson, Indiana: Volume 6, Number 4: 1948), p. 7.

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