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Little Pool Covered Bridge

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A photo depicting Little Pool Covered Bridge is part of the Robert G. Merrick collection in the Maryland State Archives. The photo caption on the reverse reads "National Road going through covered bridge, city Little Pool, county Washington, restrictions none." The date of the photo is unknown. It is known that the National Road (or Old National Pike) in Washington County was redirected a few times as the railway changed the location of its tracks that ran parallel to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and the Old National Pike.
Little Pool Covered Bridge
Little Pool Covered Bridge in Washington County.
There are two small unnamed streams that flow into Little Pool at its west end. We suspect the bridge crossed one of these streams. It appears the bridge is of 1 span and approximately 50 feet long.
Streams at Little Pool
One of these two unnamed streams showing on the 1913 Geological Survey Map that flow into Little Pool is likely the location of the Little Pool Covered Bridge in Washington County.

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