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Loys Station Covered Bridge #1

Frededick MD-10-03 #1x Owens Creek MKP 2 90' 1848 1991
This is the first of two bridges for Loys Station. The first bridge was built in 1848 by an unknown builder. Around 1929-30 the Multiple Kingpost truss bridge (MKP) was modified by adding a concrete pier and steel beams under the flooring to provide more support creating two 45 foot spans, although many bridge enthusiasts consider it as one span with a center support. At one time Western Maryland Railroad had a station stop at Loys, so the bridge became known as Loys Station Covered Bridge. The tracks still exist today. Of historical interest, it is believed that on July 7, 1863, after the battle of Gettysburg, General George Meade crossed Loys Station Covered Bridge while pursuing the retreating Confederate Army.
On June 27, 1991 a pickup truck was set on fire while in the bridge as part of an insurance fraud scheme. The local community began raising money for bridge reconstruction by selling T-shirts, having record hop fundraisers and selling limited edition prints of the bridge by a local artist. In 1994 a second covered bridge was built at the same location.
The current Loys Station Covered Bridge is well maintained, resides in a wonderful park that includes picnic tables, grills, playground, covered shelters and portable bathroom facilities.
For more information about Loys Station #1, and Loys Station #2 including photos of both bridges, please go to Loys Station Covered Bridge. Click on the photo gallery to see more photos of the bridges. For directions to Loys Station Bridge go to Driving Tour.
Loys Station Covered Bridge 1946 Loys Station Covered Bridge 1975
Loys Station Covered Bridge, 1946. Loys Station Covered Bridge, 1975.

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