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Monkton Mills Covered Bridge

Baltimore MD-03-17x Gunpowder Falls Unk Unk Unk 1836 Unk
The Session Laws of Maryland, 1834, Chapter 101 provided for the building of a covered bridge over the Gunpowder Falls. The law was passed on February 14, 1835:
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland, that Thomas Pearce, Joshua Hutchins, Ely Mathews, Jr., Edward Gorsuch, and Philip Pearce, of Baltimore County, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners to contract for, and superintend the building of a good and substantial Bridge over the Great Falls of Gunpowder, at Monkton Mills, in Baltimore County; the bridge to be weather boarded and covered with shingles, and in every respect to be finished in a workmanlike manner, and for the sum not exceeding one thousand dollars.
The Session Laws of Maryland, 1835, Chapter 114 authorized an additional $1,000 for the building of the Monkton Mills Bridge. Again, The Session Laws of Maryland, 1836, Chapter 233 provided for another $500 to finish the bridge making the total cost for building the bridge at $2,500. Both Acts referred to the original Act in 1834.
The Monkton Mills Bridge was one of many covered bridges, both wagon and railroad, crossing the Great Gunpowder Falls in Baltimore County in the mid 1800s.

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