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Plum Creek Covered Bridge

Cecil MD-07-26x Plum Creek Howe 1 85' 1867 c1912
The Cecil County Roads Commissioners Records for July 27, 1867 requested sealed proposals for the building of a bridge over Plum Creek, in Elk Neck. "The Bridge to be an open canal, or Howe truss structure, eighty-five feet span, and fourteen feet wide from out to out." The proposal provided complete details for the construction and specifications of the bridge.
S.T. Fuller and D.M. Hugh submitted a proposal to the Commissioners Office which was accepted. On September 17, 1867, a letter from Fuller and Hugh was received by the Commissioners Office detailing the specifications for the Plum Creek bridge to be built on the Howe Truss plan for $3,350.
On December 7, 1867, The Cecil Democrat contained an article declaring the bridge completed:
The County Commissioners have completed the bridge across Plum Creek, in Elk Neck. This is an accommodation to the people in that section of the county. Both the Plum Creek and Bohemia bridges are now open to travel.
On September 15, 1912, the Baltimore Sun announced "The Commissioners of Cecil County have awarded the contract for a new iron bridge over Plum creek, near Elkton, to the J.S. McIllvaine & Co., of Chambersburg, Pa., for $2,823." It is likely that this bridge replaced the wooden covered one.

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