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Roddy Road Covered Bridge #2

Roddy Road Photo Gallery
County World Guide # Crosses Built Truss Spans Length Coordinates Location
Frederick MD-10-02 #2 Owens Creek 2017 Kingpost
1 40' N39°38'27"
Near Thurmont At intersection of RT15 and Roddy Creek Road, (approximately 20 miles north of I-70 Exit 53), east for .5 mile to bridge
Roddy Road Bridge 2017At a length of 39'-4" Roddy Road Bridge #2 is the shortest covered bridge in Maryland. It is also the only one with a single kingpost truss, a truss frequently used for smaller bridges. The original bridge at this location was heavily damaged by an oversized truck on June 16, 2016. The bridge was dismantled and inspected in October 2016, and it was determined the existing timber was not reusable. An entirely new replica bridge was built by Heavy Timber Construction owned by Dean Fitzgerald of Frederick, Maryland.
In addition to a completely new Roddy Road Bridge, Roddy Creek Road was redirected to make it safer to enter the bridge from the north end, a new park was built that includes rest room facilities, child's playground, short walking trail, and a very adequate parking lot. "Headache Bars" were also placed at both ends of the bridge to help prevent oversized trucks from entering. It rests at the corner of Roddy Road and Roddy Creek Road just a half mile from U.S. Route 15 in Thurmont, Maryland.
For more information about Roddy Road Bridge #1 please go to Roddy Road Covered Bridge #1.. To see photos of Roddy Road Bridge #1 and #2 click on the Roddy Road Photo Gallery at the top of this page.

Bridge Specifications
Bridge Name: Roddy Road Length at Center: 39'-4" Height to Peak: Approximately 17'-10" SW end; Approximately 18'-3" NE end
Alternate Name(s): Roddy Width Roadway: 14'-3" SW end; 14'-2" NE end Maximum Height at Portal Entrance: 11'-7" SW end; 11'-7" NE end
Alignment: SW to NE Width Portal Opening: 12'-6" SW end; 12'-5" NE end Posted Height Restriction: 8'-6"
Distance Above Water (variable): 7'-0" Width Outside Dimensions: 16'-2" SW end; 15'-10" NE end Roof Overhang-Side: Approximately 1'-4" each side
Panels: 2 each side Posted Weight Restriction: 30,000 lbs Roof Overhang-Ends: Approximately 3'-0" each end

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