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Scott's Covered Bridge

Cecil MD-07-08x Big Elk Creek Burr 1 71' 1855 1946
Scott's or Scott's Mills Covered Bridge crossed Big Elk Creek about .7 mile west of Cowentown on Scott's Mill Road. The old bridge stood for nearly 100 years before collapsing. Some accounts say the bridge disintegrated and fell apart in 1944, but the most likely accurate account of the demise of Scott's bridge comes from a report in the December 1946 issue of Covered Bridge Topics
We are indebted to Nathaniel D. Rand of Wilmington, Del., for the information that the dilapidated old covered bridge near Cowenton (Cowentown), Cecil County, Maryland, spanning Big Elk Creek, has disappeared from the scene. A Maryland native told Mr. Rand it had been demolished several months ago.
John Poteet, Jr., a covered bridge enthusiast from Maryland, wrote in his bridge notes on January 1, 1950 that Scott's bridge had "washed away and the road was closed in June 1946." Scott's bridge closely resembled Parks Rolling Mill Covered Bridge, which was downstream about one mile over Big Elk Creek.
Scott's Covered Bridge 1938 Scott's Covered Bridge 1938
Scott's Bridge 1938, from Poteet Family collection. Scott's Bridge 1938, from Poteet Family collection.

The Maryland Session Laws of 1854, Chapter 188 provided "an act to authorize county commissioners of Cecil county, to levy a sum of money for the construction of a bridge over Big Elk creek, at or near Scott's Mills in said county." The act was passed on March 10, 1854.
The Baltimore Sun reported in an article of August 21, 1854 that "the contract for the stone work of the bridges over the Big Elk Creek at Lord's Factory and at Scott's Mills have been let to Ferdinand Wood, of Chester county, Pa; the former to be done for $790, and the latter for $585."
Scott's Mills Bridge was completed in 1855 as reported by the Baltimore Sun on January 29, 1855: "Mr. Ferdinand Wood, the contractor, has nearly completed the new bridge over the Big Elk at Scott's Mills."
The abutments and wingwalls for the old bridge still exist today. They are currently used for a foot bridge crossing Big Elk Creek as a part of a trail managed by the Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area. Near the footbridge and along the walking trail are remnants of Scott's grist mill, the foundation of Scott's saw mill, and what is left of some old homes. Eagle Scout Jack Clancy provides an excellent tour information guide for visitors of the old mill and bridge. To view his brochure, visit The Road to Scott's Mill.
Scott's Mill 2014 Scott's Mill Footbrige 2014
Scott's Mill Remnants (2014). Footbridge is on far left in background. Scott's Footbridge uses the same abutments and wingwalls as the old Scott's Covered Bridge (2014).
¹ Covered Bridge Topics (Anderson, Indiana: Volume 6, Number 4: 1948), p 1.
UPDATED: 4/14/2014, for information about the old bridge abutments and trail walking guide courtesy Eagle Scout Jack Clancy.
UPDATED: 2/6/2010, for information from Maryland Session Laws and articles from the Baltimore Sun. Build date confirmed as 1855.
UPDATED: 12/06/2008, for location (mapquest) and text about demise of bridge. Also photograph credit.

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