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Sideling Hill Creek Covered Bridge

Allegany & Washington MD-01-08x & MD-21-08x Sideling Hill Creek Unk Unk Unk Unk Unk
Sideling Hill Creek Bridge connected Allegany and Washington counties via the Old National Pike.
In 1894, Thomas Searight wrote a book detailing some news stories about the Old National Pike. His book, The Old Pike, informed readers of an incident on the Pike at Sideling Hill Creek in 1841.
The road [National Road] crosses a stream at Sideling Hill, called Sideling Hill Creek. There was a covered bridge over this Creek. In 1841 John Moss and Billy George, old wagoners, drove their teams on this bridge, and stopping a while to rest under the shade afforded by the roof. The bridge broke down, precipitating horses, wagons and drivers a distance of fourteen feet to the water, causing considerable damage to the wagons and the goods therein, but strange to say inflicting but slight injuries upon the drivers and teams. The teams and wagons belonged to Robert Newlove, of Wheeling.

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