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Spruce Run Road Covered Bridge

Frededick MD-10-13 #1x Middle Creek Unk 1 Unk c1851 1889
Frededick MD-10-13 #2x Middle Creek Unk 1 Unk 1889 1892
Frededick MD-10-13 #3x Middle Creek Unk 1 Unk 1892 1934
A little known covered bridge in Frederick County was located between Wolfville and Middlepoint northwest of the city of Frederick. In 1974, Maryland covered bridge enthusiast, John Poteet, Jr, and Pennsylvania resident George Armitage researched the history of the bridge located over Middle Creek on Spruce Run Road. They concluded the bridge was probably built around 1851 for it appears in the county road records of that year. It also appears on an 1853 road map showing changes to road #283 and #303.
The first bridge at this location was lost in the Johnstown Flood of 1889. Both the Baltimore Sun and the News (Frederick, MD), reported on June 3, 1889 that the bridge was washed away. The News article said, "Middletown Valley - Catoctin Creek overflowed at 2pm Friday and continued to rise until Saturday morning. Buildings and bridges were washed away, and the iron bridge near Dunker Church was badly twisted." The article leads readers to believe the bridge was over the Catoctin Creek which lead to some confusion for Mr. Poteet and Mr. Armitage about the location of the bridge, which they concluded was actually over Middle Creek. Catoctin Creek and Middle Creek and not far apart.
The bridge was quickly rebuilt. An article in The News on July 6, 1889 reported, "Wolfsville Waifs - The covered bridge between this place and Middlepoint, which was carried away by the recent flood, has been rebuilt, and the roads which were so badly damaged are being repaired."
It appears the hastily rebuilt bridge was not sufficient for another article appeared in The News on August 13, 1892 about a new bridge replacing the one built in 1889, although we are not completely positive that the article is referring to the same bridge. We have not been able to locate Locust Grove Mill on maps near Wolfsville. If this article is referring to the same bridge location it means a third bridge was built at this location. The article stated, "The bridge over Middle Creek, at Locust Grove Mill, will be replaced with a new covered bridge in a few days. The material to be used is sawed and fitted together at Wolfsville.
Mr. Armitage, a resident of nearby Myersville, reported that the bridge was torn down by the farmers, probably in 1933 or 1934, about a year after the road was constructed and a new bridge built. "The farmers got onto the roof and sawed the center beam and the sides fell into the creek. They pulled it out and took it home for firewood which the children called popcorn as it was so old and dry it snapped in the fireplace." The new road and bridge contract was issued on May 11, 1932.
A memo from the Valley Register, Middletown, Maryland on March 9, 1973 by Mrs. Leah Spade mentions the "Stottlemyer Sawmill was located north of Middlepoint, just below the covered bridge and downstream from the Grossnickle Flour Mill."
Spruce Run Road Covered Bridge
Spruce Run Road Covered Bridge. Photo courtesy of Poteet Family collection.

UPDATED: 5/17/2013. Newspaper articles from 1889 and 1892 conclude there were at least two covered bridges at this location and very likely there was a third bridge at this location. Thanks to Linda Burns for finding the newspaper articles.
UPDATED: 2/26/2010, for information suggesting there may have been two covered bridges at this location.

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