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Stone Run or Haines' Mill Covered Bridge

Cecil MD-07-20x Stone Run or Haines' Mill Unk 1 38' 1865 Unk
On May 24, 1864, the Cecil County Commissioner Minutes authorized the building of a "Canal Covered Bridge with a slate roof over Stone Run near E. Haines' Mill in the 6th District." Mr. Dominick McHugh wrote a letter to the County Commissioner with a bid to build the covered "carriage" bridge over Stone Run for $995 and on July 20, 1864 his bid was accepted and the contract awarded.
The bridge was intended to be completed by October 1, 1864. The Commissioner Minutes indicate it was not completed until July of 1865. The use of the terms "canal" and "carriage" could indicate that this may have been a stringer bridge. However, the detailed specifications for the bridge, as indicated in the Commissioner Minutes are typical of an authentic covered bridge, possibly a Howe truss:
The abutments to be thirteen feet long, seven feet high (above) low water level, three feet thick at the base, and two feet thick at top battered, on face - the base to be not less than two feet below low water level and deeper if necessary to secure a solid foundation. The wing walls to be six feet long, two feet thick at base, and one and one half feet thick at top, or proper level of roadway.
The span of the bridge to be thirty eight and width from twelve feet out to out. To be covered canal structure, with good slate roof of proper pitch and carefully put on. The frame work to be of good sound white oak and to be sheathed and weatherboarded with white pine boards of one inch thick and good quality.
The flooring to be of white oak two and one half inches thick and not more than 10 inches wide - free from sap and properly secured. The roof to extend at least five feet from the abutments, and gables to be weatherboarded. The bridge to be twelve feet high from string pieces to square.

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