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Stony Run Covered Bridge

Cecil MD-07-11x Stony Run Burr 1 45 1857 c1931
Stony Run Covered Bridge was one of many constructed in Cecil County in the 1850s and 1860s. Although some covered bridge enthusiasts believe the bridge crossed Little Northeast Creek just west of the town of North East, or crossed North East Creek north of the town of North East, Cecil County Commissioners Minutes indicate it actually crossed Stony Run. Stony Run crosses Old Philadelphia Road, Rt.7 (previously known as Old Post Road) about one-quarter of a mile west from where Little Northeast Creek crosses Old Philadelphia Road or one-half mile west of North East, Maryland.
The Cecil Democrat, June 27, 1857 posted a notice to bridge builders providing specifications for building Stony Run bridge. In part it read, "For a bridge over Stony Run, half a mile west of the village of North East. The bridge should be a span of 45 feet, built on the Burr plan. The guard walls to be the same length as the wing walls, 8 feet above the grading and 20 inches thick, to have good fastenings built therein for a roof to pitch outwards".
The Cecil County Commissioners Minutes of July 4, 1857 awarded the contract to build Stony Run bridge to John Finley for $890. The "minutes" for November 11, 1857 stated Stony Run Covered Bridge was almost complete.
The Maryland State Highway Administration records show the current concrete bridge over Stony Run was built in 1931.
Stony Run Covered Bridge, approximately 1930
Stony Run Covered Bridge, approximately 1930.

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