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Swansbury Mills Covered Bridge

Harford MD-12-22x Swan Creek Unk Unk Unk c1867 1910
The Old Post Road was a route taken by travelers between Aberdeen and Havre de Grace. About half way between the two cities was a covered bridge crossing Swan Creek, not far from the current town of Swan Creek.
The Aegis & Intelligence carried a bridge notice ad in its September 6, 1867 issue for receiving proposals to rebuild five bridges in Harford County. One of the bridges was "the Bridge over Swan Creek at Swansbury Mills." The proposal called for the bridge "to be roofed."
An article in the Baltimore Sun on August 7, 1902, told readers about an accident at the bridge:
Backed Down at Embankment--Aberdeen, MD., August 6.--Last night as Septimus Davis, of the Belair bar, was driving to his home, near Oakinton, he stopped at the covered bridge over Swan Creek to allow a team to pass through. His horse became restless and backed the buggy down an embankment about 15 feet high. The horse fell on the vehicle crushing it to pieces, with Mr. Davis still inside. Mr. Davis, however, was only badly bruised and is able to resume his business. The horse received a number of cuts.
Another article on August 23, 1910 in the Baltimore Sun reported on the replacement for the covered bridge.
Fine Road Between Two Towns--Havre de Grace, August 22.--Work has begun on the new road between Aberdeen and Havre de Grace. The work started midway and will be carried on in both directions. A concrete bridge will replace the old covered one at Swansbury Mills.

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