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Wiley's Upper Mill Covered Bridge

Harford MD-12-23x Deer Creek Unk Unk Unk 1846 Unk
The Wiley family was famous for their mills in Harford County. A covered bridge crossed Deer Creek at the Wiley's Lower Mill, known as Ivory Mill and one also crossed Deer Creek at Wiley's Upper Mill on Jolly Acres Road.
Matthew Willey, Jr., the owner of the land willed to him when his father died in 1840, held property on both sides of the creek. The bridge provided him easy access to all of his property.
The Maryland Session Laws of 1845, Chapter 242, passed on March 4, 1846 provided for a bridge over Deer Creek at Matthew Wiley's Mill:
An Act for building a Bridge over Deer Creek, at or near Matthew Wiley's Mill.
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland, That Matthew Wiley, Joseph Bosley and Charles Robinson, he and they are hereby appointed commissioners, to fix upon a cite at or near Matthew Wiley's mill on Deer creek, for building a bridge over said creek, and the said commissioner's are hereby authorized to erect or cause to be erected, a good and substantial bridge with two stone abutments, to be raised sufficiently high to save the bridge in time of freshets, the bridge to be weather-boarded and covered with cedar or pine shingles, and done in a workman-like manner, and for a sum not exceeding three hundred dollars.

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