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Winters Run Covered Bridge

Harford MD-12-06x Winters Run Burr 1 Unk Unk 1927
Winters Run Covered Bridge was located on Philadelphia Road (Route 7) in Harford County. The open-sided bridge was replaced in 1927 by a concrete structure.
Winters Run Covered Bridge about 1920 Winters Run Bridge 2005
Winters Run Covered Bridge about 1920. Winters Run Concrete Bridge Construction Sign. Photo taken 2005.

From an article in the Baltimore Sunpapers on October 17, 1937 about Maryland's Covered Bridges, the writer describes the Winters Run Covered Bridge:
There are even a few (covered bridges) that have roof alone, and are otherwise unenclosed, and in the group was included one of Maryland's loveliest; now replaced. It was a small bridge, as bridges go, across Winters Run on the Philadelphia Road. Covered only with a shingled roof, its graceful arch and geometrical braces stood here in a pattern of striking beauty.

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